Shawl We?


Shawls are a versatile fashion item. Farrah Eman shares how you can use them to keep your modesty in check, add warmth or simply change your look for different occasions.

shawl we

Embrace Fall/Winter 2013 by innovating your look with a shawl. Here we go:

We recommend using a triangular shawl for dresses or outfits paired with skirts to maintain a feminine appeal. Poncho-styled shawl as well as a simple neck-tie design is great with a pair of jeans for a casual or rugged look. To add a little flair at the office, wear a shawl by ruffling it across and over the shoulders. Simply pimp up your formal look by wrapping a luxurious shawl around your arms and shoulders – simple but chic! Play around with different colours and prints of fabric to compliment your style and dressing!

shawl we1

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That’s not all, in the video clip below, Very Pashmina illustrates 10 easy-to-follow techniques for you to transform a shawl into an attractive fashion accessory, adding glam to your look and enhancing your modesty – fashionably.

Source: Very Pashmina

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