Shawl We?


With these five different looks for fashionable hijabis everywhere, yes, we shall!


Casual Hijabi

Keep it simple with this easy turban style that is great for a weekend with friends.

What You Need A pretty under-hijab and a thin, short scarf.

Sweet Hijabi

This hijab style comes with extra coverage for your chest area—perfect for when you are after a little added modesty on top.

What You Need An under-hijab, a large square scarf.

Office-Hour Hijabi

This is a practical yet beautiful style to take you from 9-to-5.

What You Need An under-hijab and an extra-large square scarf.

Smart Hijabi

This hijab style looks sleek and polished, perfect for client meetings. 

What You Need A wide headband and a long, rectangular scarf that is wide enough to cover your head.

Chic Hijabi

This hijab style works well for smart casual occasions.

What You Need A medium-sized square scarf.

Fashion Stylist Gilang Bunga
Hijab Stylist Lilis Suryani
Makeup Phillipe Karunia
Photography Maria L Sari
Model Farah (Bern’s)

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