Skirt + Pants = Skants!


The perfect alternative for a stylish hijabi always on the go!

Skirt + Pants = Skants!_Aquila Style

image: ln-cc

First of all, don’t be intimidated by the name. It may sound like something you wouldn’t say to a woman, but skants can be a hijabi’s best friend. While many of us love the idea of trousers for hectic lifestyle, we also agonise over the way they wrap around and show the shape of our legs. This is what makes skants the perfect solution.

Skirt + Pants = Skants!_Aquila Style

H&M x Maison Martin Margela | Joseph

Following the current shifting trends of unpredictably asymmetrical shapes and silhouettes, one could definitely get away with wearing skants on the streets and not be judged. In fact, people might just admire your boldness for appearing modest in such an avant garde way.

Skirt + Pants = Skants!_Aquila Style

Prada | Alexander Wang

Take it as a modest version of the skorts. This combination of a skirt and shorts were the in thing back in the 90s, reincarnated today as skants. So if you come across an awesome pair of skants in the near future, don’t be intimidated – try them on! The Muslimah fashion scene really needs it.

Here at Aquila Style we will keep you posted on emerging labels with skants in their collections, ‘cause we too, can’t get enough of them.

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