Speaking and Styling at Veiled en Vogue


Faith and fashion meet at the fabulous Veiled En Vogue in Georgia, USA. YazTheSpaz shares her view of the event as the guest of honour. Photography by This Modern Love Photography.

Meeting with sisters is always an exciting and joyful time for us to share together.

Augusta, Georgia – a pretty down-to-earth and rural community – held an unusual and rare event to occur in such a small city on November 4th at the Fort Gorgon Banquet Hall. Veiled en Vogue, an event organised by the thriving and talented Nada Gil and Zamena Momin, was a full-day event catered to the everyday fashionable Muslim woman!

The event showcased fashions from Serene Sari, Abaya Addict, A La Couture, Hijab-ista Inc, Covered Girl, Mohajababes and Che Jewelry.

It began with a beautiful Qur’an recitation. Next, my introduction – which got my blood pumping at the start off the show! Yes, I had the joy of being the guest of honour for this spectacular event. I was able to talk about my story, show my diverse hijab styles, and even share my skincare routine, which included some tips I shared in my latest post about natural skin care products.

After my hijab style demonstrations, I had all the women get into groups of four to five and have them create their own ‘spaz-ified’ hijab styles! That was the most fun for us all because now their creativity was put to the test. When it came time for judging, who else but the audience could select the winner?

Once my session was over, we conducted prayers. Then came the moment everyone was waiting for – the fashion show! Backstage was a ruckus with hijabs and heels flying everywhere! Models running from the stage to the changing room, back to the stage and so on. In the heat of it all, I was there styling all the hijabs, making sure the models were picture perfect for the runway.

Overall, the show was a hit! The audience was captivated with such beauty from Serene Sari, to the long and flowing cute dresses of Abaya Addict and Hijab-ista, to the stunning jalabiyas from Mohajababes and more!

The bazaar was filled with women shopping and buyers selling everything from skincare products and clothing to hijabs and even jewellery and accessories. There was so much excitement throughout the whole day that at the end of it all, our stomachs were rumbling.

Dinner was served, and after the food was digested, the night ended with zumba and raffles. All proceeds of this event were donated to a local charity, Baitul Salaam, which helps female victims of abuse to find shelter and food.

I know everyone who came to this sold-out event left with something more than a full belly – they left with new insight into the world of modest fashion, ‘spaz-ified’ hijabs and, more importantly, new friends!

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