Spot the Polka Dots


Considered by many to be a mainstay print of the fashion world, these folksy fellows can sometimes bring more to your outfit than meets the eye. By Maryam Yusof.

Spot the Polka Dots_Aquila Style

One trend that seems to be a mainstay every season is polka dots. What’s not to like? They’re fun and can easily add a playful spin to any outfit! There are many variations in print, style and colours on the market, but the universal appeal in the polka dot print means that it will never go out of style and is pretty much a classic today! Here are some tips on how you can rock polka dot prints:

Size matters

One key element you should know is that the size of the polka dot matters in creating different looks. For occasions that call for smart-casual outfits, use items with small-dotted prints. This means that you could possibly use polka dots in the workplace! Big and bold polka dots, on the other hand, would create a more whimsical and quirky retro look, which would be more appropriate for a day out or a picnic.

Body shape

Consider your body shape: unfortunately, not all polka dot prints flatter everyone. For example, large polka dot prints tend to create a bulkier silhouette compared to small or medium ones.


Colours used in the print also make a huge difference in the styling. When contrasted against a background of a similar shade (for example, white dots against a grey background), the polka dots are more subtle and appropriate for more formal settings. Accordingly, polka dots set against a contrasting colour tend to stand out, making for a more casual look. Go for items in bold and bright contrasting shades for a sophisticated but quirky look!


If you’re a bit wary of wearing an entire outfit in polka dot print, you could always infuse some polka dots into your outfit through your accessories. For example, you can wear a monochrome outfit but still create a retro look with accessories like a clutch, shoes or even your hijab in a bright polka dot print.

Keep it simple

On the other hand, if you have no qualms about wearing polka dots in your main outfit but want to keep it simple, wear a black and white polka dot print and add a dash of colour with a single bright statement accessory piece like jewellery, a bag or shoes. And a classic colour palette like navy or black, with white polka dots, is often very flattering for most women.

Mixing prints

One rule that the fashion police should enforce is the wearing of more than one polka dot print item. This faux-pas will make your outfit look messy and frankly cartoonish (Minnie Mouse, anyone?) Surprisingly however, polka dots can match well with certain other prints like stripes or subtle florals!

So although polka dots are typically associated with vintage or retro-inspired looks, clever use of this print can help you achieve various looks appropriate for most settings and occasions. Perhaps the most important thing to remember when wearing polka dots, in the spirit of polka itself, is to have fun!

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