Stacking Outside the Box


There are many ways to keep your personal library organised. Shea Rasol picks some of her favourites.


Inspired Bookshelves_Aquila Style

Stella Bleu Designs

A series of connected industrial pipes would definitely be the centre of attention in your living room. Not only can they hold a large number of books, you can also customise the layout to suit your wall and taste.


Inspired Bookshelves_Aquila Style

Design Sponge

Don’t throw away used wooden crates or boxes that your shopping came in. Clean them off, glue some fabric on the inside and secure them onto your wall to create a diorama-type shelf.


Inspired Bookshelves_Aquila Style

Petite Literary

Familiar with towel rods that are usually found in bathrooms? Get a pair, insert into a piece of pre-sewn fabric, and screw the caps back on. Attach the finished product to your wall, and start slotting lightweight books in them for storage. Perfect for nurseries and kids rooms!


Inspired Bookshelves_Aquila Style

Better Homes and Gardens

Before you decide to get rid of those unwanted old benches, why not repaint and stack them up next to a wall? Just make sure that the weight is distributed properly — the heavier a bench, the closer it should be to the floor.


Inspired Bookshelves_Aquila Style

Shades of Grey

Find some old drawers from vintage or flea market shops. Or maybe you could be extra polite to your grandma when asking for her unused chest of drawers? After ensuring that all the joints are sturdy, hang them up and fill them with your books and knick-knacks.


Inspired Bookshelves_Aquila Style

DIY Enthusiasts

This simple but totally cool way of creating a statement in your living room simply involves placing a couple of wooden planks on the rungs of a ladder. Voila!

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