Stay Organised the “Old School” Way


Fancy gadgets may do the trick, but there’s nothing quite like planning your schedule in a book. Here are some interesting 2014 planners selected by Maryam Yusof.

Stay Organised the “Old School” Way_Aquila Style

Back in primary school, every student was issued a weekly planner at the start of the year. After every lesson, the teachers would instruct the class to fill in the planner with assignments for the day and other reminders. As a child, I would groan whenever we had to jot down tasks and reminders in our planners. By the time I was a teenager, making notes in my planner had became an ingrained habit.

Later, part of the excitement in starting a new school year was to shop for a new and pretty planner. By the end of the year, in addition to the daily reminders, the book would be filled with random drawings, post-it notes, song lyrics, letters and silly notes that my friends and I passed around during class. While I’m not typically a sentimental person, I’ve kept my journals as a memory of the year’s events, and it still makes me laugh when I flip through them today.

While there are today countless applications on our smartphones and laptops to help us plan our schedules, there is still a great appeal in scribbling your plans in a book and feeling satisfied after striking them off the to-do list. Daily planners, like my old ones from my teenage years, often end up being excellent mementoes of past events. So, for those of us who enjoy keeping it “old school”, here are some interesting planners for you to schedule your days ahead!

1. Perfect planner for the organised fashionista

Stay Organised the “Old School” Way_Aquila Style

Brittany Fuson 2014 Planner | $28

This handbag-friendly planner is a perfect companion for the fashion-obsessed. With adorable illustrations by Brittany Fuson appearing in between monthly and weekly pages, this planner is a combination of sophistication and cheekiness.

2. Busy girl’s best friend

Stay Organised the “Old School” Way_Aquila Style

Whitney English Day Planner | $49

If you often find yourself scribbling in the margins of your day planner because of a lack of space from your expanding schedule, this planner is perfect for you. Each page is organised into useful sections so that you can get a bird’s eye view of your reminders, schedule, to-do list, expenses tracker, and still have enough space for daily motivational quotes and goal planning.

3. The artist’s and dreamer’s book

Stay Organised the “Old School” Way_Aquila Style

Kikki K 365 DAYS: DREAMING | $20.97

If you find grids and lines on typical day planners limiting, this journal allows you to tap on your creative side! Each numbered page, one for every day of the year, is a blank slate for you to work on. Besides your plans and schedule, you’re encouraged to fill the pages with sketches, stickers and photographs to create a book of memories.

4. Quirky monthly planner

Stay Organised the “Old School” Way_Aquila Style

2014 Lilly Pulitzer Monthly Planner | $18

While most people prefer to create daily or weekly plans, it’s sometimes more effective to plan your activities by the month. This quirky planner provides a clear overview of the month’s events and activities while still allowing sufficient space on the page to elaborate on each activity. You can also take this planner into meetings, using the blank pages to write notes and brainstorm on ideas.

5. Dateless planner

Stay Organised the “Old School” Way_Aquila Style

How Are You Today Planner | $20.95

Interestingly, this pocket-sized planner is dateless, thus allowing you to start using it whenever you want. All you have to do is fill in the dates on the page. This planner comes in four colours, and includes useful categories like yearly, monthly and weekly plans, blank notes and a world map.

6. Make your own

Stay Organised the “Old School” Way_Aquila Style

Personal Planner | $24.95 – $34.95

If finding the perfect planner seems impossible, why not customise your own with You can select details, like the size, colours, text, cover image and design of the pages.

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