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Afia R Fitriati sources out some sizzling styles for your handheld buddy with pretty covers, cases, sleeves and bags for tablet devices.

WP Tablet Chic

We understand that your tablet is your new best friend. You fulfil your tasks with it, while away your leisure hours with it, and do a million other things with it using simple motions of your fingers.

Needless to say, you also have our fabulous magazine app within your tablet’s bosom. It is a no-brainer then that you would need a chic and functional outfit for your device. Here isa selection of pretty ones to get you started:

Tablet Cover

Tablet Chic_Aquila Style
Marc Jacobs Katie Bunny Tablet Cover
Tablet Chic_Aquila Style
Cooper Blocks Silicone Folio Case

A tablet cover is commonly a casing made of silicone that wraps around your tablet to protect it from dings and bumps. You can choose a design that reflects your personality or a persona that you’d like your tablet to have: fun, feisty, fabulous – it’s your choice! Take this Marc by Marc Jacobs bunny cover for example. The cute design and vibrant colour will surely get you in a ‘hoppity’ mood while working on your tablet. Lego fans look no further than thisCooper Blocks case. Functional with the colourful pegs of our childhood, they are also great conversation starters. Available in various colours.

Tablet Case

Tablet Chic_Aquila Style
Prada studded leather case
Tablet Chic_Aquila Style
Vince Camuto iPad envelope

A good tablet case should not only protect your tablet, it should also complement your style. If diamonds are your best friend, then this Prada studded leather case may well be your tablet’s. Alternatively, a well-tailored case like thisVince Camuto leather envelope will protect your tablet and exude a look of professionalism at the same time.

Tablet Sleeve

Tablet Chic_Aquila Style
Ted Baker glitter bow iPad sleeve
Tablet Chic_Aquila Style
Ted Baker leather iPad sleeve

A tablet sleeve is a holder with a clasp or zipper that will tuck your device securely inside. It allows you to carry your tablet as you would a purse. This Ted Baker glitter iPad purse fits a glamorous mood and will very likely invite compliments from your friends (or even strangers). Or, if you care for a more sensible office look, this Ted Baker croco number can be a worthy option.

Tablet Bag

Tablet Chic_Aquila Style
Juicy Couture Argyle leather iPad bag
Tablet Chic_Aquila Style
Kate Spade polkadot iPad bag

A tablet bag allows for a handsfree carrying around of your tablet. Add an element of quirk to your outfit and dress up your tablet at the same time with this Kate Spade polkadot crossbody bag. If you are not quite so the fun prints type, take a peek at this Juicy Couture Argyle Leather iPad Sleeve with wristband. Its preppy-but-edgy look with a generous dash of vibrant pink and a heart-shaped zip pendant will get a nod of approval from Legally Blonde’s Elle Woods.

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