The Truth About False Eyelashes


If eyes are the windows to your soul, then lush, bat-worthy lashes are the openings to your fun-loving spirit! By Jayine Chung


The Austria-born star of Samson and Delilah was considered to be the most beautiful woman of Europe. Picture by PHOTOLIBRARY //

Long and full eyelashes have long been the envy of many women, thanks to the likes of (the late) Elizabeth Taylor and other goddesses of the silver screen. But what exactly is the lure of luscious eyelashes that have been a classic beauty icon for so many years?

Full eyelashes not only put an emphasis on your eyes, they also make your eyes look larger and thus more alluring. And ranging from US$2.50 to US$16 on average, false eyelashes—falsies—are also affordable.

For those not blessed with naturally thick and long eyelashes, falsies are a godsend as they add instant glitz and glamour. But despite being so widely used nowadays, not all women know how to choose or apply them properly. Luckily, it is not that difficult. All you need is patience and a light-handed touch.

Generally, false eyelashes come in two different varieties: full lash designs and individual lash enhancers. Individual lashes can be good for those with long but sparse lashes, or for those whose goal is a natural-looking set of peepers. Full lash designs work better for overall batting action. The next choice to make, then, regards their thickness, length, and the occasion that calls for them in the first place.

Colour selection in false eyelashes is also important. Falsies come in a range from classic black to wacky, fluorescent shades. The choice really depends on the occasion. Go for lashes of natural colour for doe-eyed sexiness. If you are attending a fancy dress party and want to stand out, then a crazier tint will do the job.


  1. Gently loosen and pull off lashes after applying the recommended glue remover. You may need to apply a warp compress to your eyelids to safely remove resistant lashes. Avoid forceful removal, which can damage the bond between the lashes and their backing
  2. Soak lashes in warm soapy water after each use. Rinse with lukewarm water. With tweezers, peel leftover adhesive from the backing of the lashes. Groom lashes with a clean eyelash brush to return them to their natural shape. Place on a paper towel and allow to air-dry
  3. Return false lashes to their original tray after cleaning to keep them in a natural position. Keep away from excessive moisture or heat, which may damage their synthetic fibres. Dry lashes completely before storing to avoid germ build-up

Individual Lashes

Individual lashes are great for a very natural and true-to-life effect. Applied properly, it is hard to tell that they are even there. The synthetic strands are placed between the natural lashes to make them appear denser and more defined. If there is one drawback, it is that achieving natural results may be tricky if you have short and scarce lashes—in which case you should go for strip lashes.

Strip Lashes

Why not try strip lashes for a dramatic effect? The longer and fuller they are, the more drama they add. But be careful with their length and density—it could turn out disastrously comical if they are too long or too thick! Trim too-long strips of falsies to the length of your lash line, or just slightly longer. Apply using tweezers, using the adhesive that comes with the falsies. Strip lashes are much easier to handle than individual lashes, and add a ravishing touch to your appearance.

To finish off with a natural look, avoid glittery or very dense lashes, and wear your eye makeup as usual, including mascara.

Three-Quarter Lashes

These lashes are not easy to find. But they look amazing, and give both a dramatic and natural effect. They are directed to the outside corner of each eye, giving an impressive, romantic look. Optimise with a touch of eyeshadow, eyeliner to define your eyes and mascara to set the look in place.


Lower Lashes

More and more women are using false lower lashes for occasions like their weddings to add pizzazz to their appearance on their special day. They may not be as popular as uppers, as many women think they are always seen to be ‘too fake’. This can be the case for those with sparse or thin natural eyelashes, but incorrect application is more often to blame. If you do it right, nobody will be able to tell that they are not natural. So, choose very sparse lower falsies and make sure their backing is transparent. Apply them either on or underneath your real lashes the same way you would with upper or top false eyelashes, and voila – wink, wink!

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