Trendspotting for Eid


Halfway through Ramadan, anticipation builds for many ladies at the arrival of Eid. Shea Rasol points out some trend predictions for this year.

The Peplum Trend

Trendspotting for Eid_Aquila Style

The ever-so-feminine silhouette most popular in the 1940s has been enjoying a healthy comeback for quite some time in our era. Ladies love the idea of a peplum (extra overskirt) accentuating their waist to give them a more proportionate figure in an outfit. Peplum works best with women who are straight-waisted or women with heavier top halves than bottom halves.

The Brocade Trend

Trendspotting for Eid_Aquila Style

Admit it, brocade reminds you of luxury and glamour. That is why we predict that this year’s Eid trend will consist of clothing made from brocade material. We know that this is the time of year where women all over the world can dress up glamorously without being perceived as being too over-the-top.

The Kaftan Trend

Trendspotting for Eid_Aquila Style

From the Middle East to Southeast Asia, many women love kaftans for the flow of the fabric, the beadwork, the cut and its effortless style. We don’t expect kaftans to be going anywhere this year!

The Tunic Trend

Trendspotting for Eid_Aquila Style

Ahh… the tunic. It can look just like a baju kurung top worn by Malay women. But with a dash of creativity, you can just simply purchase a tunic top at any high street brand, pair it with a sarong, and you have yourself a modern baju kurung! No wonder there are countless types of tunics in the market. The trend is here to stay!

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