4 dos and 4 don’ts of eye makeup


They say the eyes are windows to our soul. We say it doesn’t hurt to have pretty windows. By Shea Rasol.


Image: She Knows

1. Do prime your eyelids before applying eyeshadow. This will help the shadow stay in place even after long hours. Powder-based eyeshadows won’t stay in place so the primer will act like an adhesive to keep the colour where you want it to be.

Image: All About You

2. Do wear mascara. Otherwise you may look unfinished with excess eyeshadow from your applicator sprinkled onto your eyelashes. Sweep some mascara through to let your lashes frame your eyes well.

Image: Stylene

3. Do use matte eyeshadows for everyday use, instead of shimmery ones. A shimmer eyeshadow is more appropriate for dinner parties or special events, as it reflects light instead of absorbing it.

Image: Penbay Pilot

4. Do remove your eye makeup with cleansers or oils instead of makeup wipes. The skin surrounding the eyes are very delicate and can sag easily in the long run if you tug at them often. So grab a cotton pad, and use olive oil (Amenakin’s tip!) to remove those products gently and prevent your lashes from falling off, too.


Image:  Lab Muffin

1. Don’t head out the door without checking. Eyeshadows require a lot of blending, so take some time to blend those harsh lines and make sure both your eyes are made up exactly the same.

Image: Glitter & Makeup

2. Don’t use non-waterproof eyeliner if you have oily skin. The eyelids will get greasier and greasier as the day progresses, making your eyeshadow look like you’ve just rubbed the colour around with your hands.

Image: Love to Know

3. Don’t neglect the brows. Perfectly done eyes won’t be complete without groomed eyebrows. Just a few strokes of eyebrow pencil and brush the brows in place.

Image: Fashion

4. Don’t line your eyes too far down below your waterline unless you’re going for the gothic look. This area smudges way too easily – with every blink, or due to sweat or oil on the skin.

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