Wardrobe Essentials: Historical Classics to Daily Basics (Part 2)


Rediscover wardrobe essentials. Does your wardrobe host them all? Words and photography by Zinah Nur Sharif.

In part 1 of this article, I shared classic fashion pieces with historical backgrounds that need to be part of your wardrobe. This time, I will venture into basic wardrobe essentials.

These basic wardrobe essentials may not have significant history behind them, but they are the backbone of every modest-yet-fabulous woman’s clothing collection. These are the pieces that complete an outfit, the ones that we always turn back to when we don’t feel too adventurous in style, or the ones that we simply like to pair with statement pieces. What are they?

The Basic Long-sleeved T-shirt

Basic long-sleeved T-shirts in black and white are must-have pieces in your wardrobe. These are for moments when you need a modest layer underneath a sheer blouse or a sleeveless maxi dress. Having it in both black and white means you can pair them with clothes that are either dark or light. Simple!

The Basic Maxi Dress, Maxi Skirt and Trousers

Having a maxi dress, skirt and basic trousers as part of your wardrobe may not strike some as essential, but don’t underestimate their importance. Dressing modestly will always compel you to purchase these staples, regardless of your style. Whether printed or plain, extravagant or simple, one of these items must exist in your wardrobe.

The magic of these wardrobe essentials is that they can be paired with all kinds of fashion pieces or worn by themselves. In fact, these pieces alone can complete your wardrobe without any additional clothes! The versatility of these essentials will help you to make the most out of your wardrobe.

The Statement Item

Some of you may not agree with me on this one, but every girl needs a statement necklace and statement heels to be paired with the classics and basics. A simple white T-shirt with maxi skirt, paired with a statement necklace, will blossom into an elegant and formal outfit. Breton stripes and jeans with statement heels will turn into a sophisticated casual look. This can go on and on – you get the idea.

Statement pieces can define your style, be adapted for different outfits, will withstand changes in seasons and trends, and once you have invested in quality pieces, they are everlasting!

Now that you know the classics and basics that need to be part of your fashion world, it’s your turn to get them – if you don’t already have them blooming your wardrobe!

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