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Make your outfits work even better for you by identifying what your skin tone is, advises YazTheSpaz, who also encourages you to wear the colours of the rainbow if you so wish.

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Have you ever wondered to yourself what colour looks best on which skin tone? I personally love to wear every colour of the rainbow but I do need to realise which ones will just wash my skin tone out and which ones will make my skin radiate and glow. There are such things as choosing the colours of clothing to best complement different skin tones. Which one are you?

Typically, there are three different skin tones that we can focus on more deeply. The three broadest skin tones are ivory, medium/olive and dark. Each of these has their own set of colours that can flatter them the most! Keep in mind that culture plays a huge influence on what many people wear, even while living in the USA as I do.

Let’s start off with ivory skin. Ivory skin tone refers to those with pale, rosy-pale and light-beige skin. I belong to this skin tone group and I have noticed that the colours that look best on me are dark ones. My sister’s skin tone falls under this group, too, and I find that when she wears black and navy blue, it stands out like porcelain. This doesn’t mean that light coloured clothing doesn’t suit us – we just have a greater possibility of looking washed out in white, cream or pale colours. We need the darker colours to allow our complexion to stick out!

On the other hand, individuals with medium/olive skin tone include those with dark beige, yellow-beige and tan skin. If you belong to this range, you’ll realise that you can pull off colours such as red, blue and yellow – better known as the primary colours. One of my best friends, Eman, is medium skin-toned. She looks good in jewel tones blue, red and forest green. Try to stay away from dull colours that have an ash undertone to them because they won’t liven or brighten up the face.

Finally, people with dark skin tone include those with skin colour that are light brown, dark brown or black. They look best in colours that are light, neutral, pale or pastel. On the other hand, rich and vibrant colours also bring out their deep skin tone like none other. Many Pakistani, Indian and African sisters who have dark skin tones usually wear colours such as burnt orange, deep red, fuchsia, royal blue, emerald green and yellow, and these colours enrich their skin tone. Having darker skin also allows them to wear light pastel colours such as mint green, pale pink and even pale yellow well!

Overall, light skin tones look best in dark colours, medium skin tones work great with primary colours and darker skin tones pull off whites and pale colours very well. It’s really amazing how much our skin tones determine what does and doesn’t look as good on us. Knowing yours will help you look and feel great! Always remember, YOU wear the clothing, the clothing doesn’t wear you. Also, don’t take these tips and not wear any other colour of the rainbow. These are just suggestions to help you broaden your knowledge on skin tone and clothing colours!

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