Wudhu-able Makeup Part II


Having invited queries from our readers near and far, Shea Rasol delves deeper into the meanings of ‘wudhu-able’.

Wudhu-able Makeup Part II_Aquila Style

When you think you might be going out all day and want to look awake and presentable, without compromising the few prayer breaks that you may need throughout the day, consider wudhu-able makeup. Many Muslim women apply makeup on a daily basis, wishing to appear beautiful and presentable in a modest way.

A concern about makeup is that water needs to touch the skin during wudhu, or ablution before ritual prayer. However, there are some ways to minimise the need for the complete removal of makeup before wudhu.

When applying your foundation, eyeshadow, blusher or lipstick, use applications that are light and subtle. This technique also gives you a more refined finish with just a tinge of colour.

Instead of choosing liquid foundation, liquid blusher or cream eyeshadow which have a rather thick consistency at times, use the powder-based versions for lighter coverage. There are also other options such as mineral loose powders, which do not cling onto the skin or block water from touching the skin. Not only do you use less product, it is also easier to remove if you wish.

When applying eyeliner, instead of drawing a dark, clean line, try applying a thin line and then smudging your eyelids to thin and spread out the colour. That way the eyeliner will not be too thick and cover up a part of your skin.

From another standpoint, there are makeup products that allow water to reach the skin even after application. For example, homemade makeup made from fruit and plant extracts is one natural way to have light makeup on your skin while protecting it from chemicals. One example is using straight beets, blackberries or spirulina powder to lightly stain your cheeks and lips. Organic brands of makeup like Eccobella, 100% Pure and Naturisimo are also an alternative chemical-free option for Muslims.

No matter what kind of makeup or application you use, you can always bring along a pack of wet wipes for easy and quick removal of any makeup before taking ablution. Not only will you get a fresh clean face, but these wipes can also help to moisturise and remove excess facial oils, impurities and sweat accumulated throughout the day.

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