13 faces and stories of Aussie Muslims reveal they’re just as (extra)ordinary as everyone else


Realistic and positive images of Australian Muslims from all backgrounds illustrate immense common ground.

Many Muslims living as a minority in the country have suffered from prejudice, racism and Islamophobia. Media misrepresentations, together with a lack of understanding of Muslim practices, dress codes and etiquette, can incite fear and hate.

Some Australian Muslims decided to create a response by setting up a Facebook page, Australian Muslim Faces (AMF), featuring everyday Muslims and their life stories. Not unlike well-known photography project Humans of New York, AMF provides realistic and positive images of Australian Muslims speaking for themselves.

“There is a perception that all Muslims look the same, think the same and live the same,” says one AMF member, “and that they are altogether different to the ‘mainstream’ Australian community.”

On their Facebook page the group says, “We hope to help break down barriers, correct misconceptions and build understanding through the simple act of sharing.”


Disclaimer: The photographs used in this article were submitted by the contributors, who continue to own them and their copyright. These photos are not owned by Australian Muslim Faces or Aquila Style. The contributors have only given permission for their publication on Australian Muslim Faces and Aquila Style, and do not consent to their use elsewhere.

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