6 sensational stories you may have missed last week


Hitting the headlines last week: eligible Muslim royals, unforgettable hajj journeys, celebrating Eid ul-Adha, why visiting saints’ tombs is not grave worship, and more.

Novi performs the hajj
Novi performs the hajj.


1. The world’s most eligible Muslim royals 2014: noble princesses
Brains, beauty and even brawn abound in this alluring assortment of six single princesses. New tab >>>

2. French muallaf’s 7,000km roadtrip to Mecca takes unexpected turn
A French convert’s plan to travel to the holy land for umra was almost cancelled – until the Saudi king had a surprise for him. New tab >>>

3. Heartwarming letter from Muslimah doctor to former boss goes viral
Inspiration can come from the unlikeliest of places. For one Canadian lady, it came from Nabiha Islam, her former employee. New tab >>>

4. How hajj helped me move on with my life after divorce and cancer
In the darkest clouds of her life, a woman found the silver lining that eased her path towards the trip of her lifetime. New tab >>>

5. 12 global moments in time from Eid ul-Adha 1435H
From the fun to the poignant to the spiritual, a dozen snapshots of the Festival of Sacrifice. New tab >>>

6. Why the tradition of visiting dead saints is not grave worship
Paying our respects to the dead is simply another way of remembering God and reminding ourselves of our own mortality. New tab >>>

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