6 sensational stories you may have missed this week


Hitting the headlines: China mixed marriages of Muslim minorities, Saudi religious police video goes viral, Kabul’s oasis of peace, Afghan weddings, Dutch burka ban, and trees under threat in Morocco.


Bride and prejudice: rare ethnic marriages reflect China tensions
Against a backdrop of prejudice and violence, inter-ethnic marriages between Uighurs, a mostly Muslim minority who speak a Turkic language, and China’s ethnic majority Han are extremely rare. Uighurs in their home region of Xinjiang have long chafed under Beijing’s yoke and say they face restrictions on religion, language and culture, with some yearning for independence.

Photo essay: Kabul’s oasis of peace
Kabul’s historic Bagh-e Babur gardens are one of the few remaining vestiges of serenity in a city awash with snipers, checkpoints and post-traumatic stress.

Saudi religious police berate gloveless woman
A video of a Saudi religious policeman shouting at a veiled woman and barring her from entering a shop for not wearing gloves has gone viral on the Internet. The religious police, known as the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, is notorious for imposing Saudi Arabia’s strict version of Islam.

Afghan weddings: bigger, fatter and hard to tame
With a burst of confetti, dancers clap and twirl around a garland-bedecked groom as Afghanistan’s wedding season kicks into high gear, but lawmakers pushing for austerity are bent on taming out-of-control guest lists.

Dutch cabinet backs partial Islamic burqa ban
The Dutch cabinet approved a partial ban on wearing the face-covering Islamic veil, including in schools, hospitals and on public transport.

Morocco’s majestic cedars threatened by climate change
The cedar tree, considered by many to be Morocco’s national treasure, is coming under attack from climate change, greedy humans who indulge in illegal logging, and monkeys.

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