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Dear Readers,

This year’s Family issue is dedicated to all you wonderful daddies and mummies out there, and also to those who play the role of “friendmily” to people who aren’t even blood-related. Let us celebrate the people and experiences that make long days worth the drag.

One of Britain’s most popular sport stars, boxing hero Amir Khan, now has a new title to live up to: Daddy to his infant daughter Lamaisah. So it’s wonderful to read about Mr Tough Guy going all tender when he speaks On fatherhood and faith in an interview with Omar Shahid. Meanwhile, across the Atlantic is Fatimah Jackson-Best who shares two family treasures: her grandmother Myrna and her Ultimate comfort food, Grandma’s Barbadian fishcakes.

Faith is one of the strongest bonds that hold people together. Take it from Taqwa Mahrani Surapati, a Muslim chaplain whose job is to provide emotional and spiritual support to the sick and dying of all faiths and convictions. Afia R Fitriati has more about this amazing Healer of hearts, from the here to the hereafter. Faith can also be blind to differences. Just ask Elest Ali, who embraces this notion in Reconciling your faith with your non-religious family.

Motherhood. The word alone conjures images of seemingly impossible feats being aced, over and over again, by mothers everywhere and every day. From the moment a woman becomes a mother to the 24/7 state of being one, it is a role that is rightly revered in the Qur’an. New mum Sya Taha speaks with two Muslimahs who chose Home births about their reasons for empowering themselves with this personal, life-changing decision.

Moving to the broader topic of parenthood, Sya examines The sustainability of selfless parents and its connection with the wellbeing of children. All the sacrifices that mothers and fathers make aren’t for naught. And the dip in romance that hits many couples after having children can be overcome, writes Ameera Al Hakawati, by Redefining romance post-baby.

Returning full-circle to the father front, the joy and discovery of growing into this role is a journey that Yarehk Hernandez has been learning from his two daughters ever since he was a teenager – and the same age that one of his girls is now. His heartfelt story of Finding fatherhood is sure to bring a smile to your soul.

We hope this entire Family issue brings a smile to your soul. Where would we be without our nearest and dearest?

Love, love, love.


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