Born a girl in the wrong place by Khadija Gbla



Khadija Gbla grew up in Sierra Leone. As a young girl, she was subjected to Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). As a woman, she lives with the consequences of FGM everyday. She is determined that this form of abuse against young girls will end, and she wants to end it in her lifetime.

Khadija Gbla was born in Sierra Leone. Her family sought refuge in Australia in 2001 after enduring a thirteen-year civil war within her homeland.

Khadija strives to combine her African and Australian heritage and values in order to advocate acceptance and equality within the community. Khadija’s passion for her community and for giving young people a voice in our community continues to motivate her involvement in diverse community projects. Khadija has represented Australia in the international arena at the Harvard National Model United Nations, Commonwealth Youth Forum and Australian and Africa Dialogue.

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