Hijabpreneurs Galore!


We showcase some of the most 
exciting high-street Islamicwear 
labels and designers from 
Indonesia’s pumping 
megacity, Jakarta. By Afia R Fitriati.

Hijab Fashionista: Hijabpreneurs Galore!_Aquila Style

Duo Novie and Sari are two friends with fabulous fashion sensibility. ‘None’ is an abbreviation of their two nicknames: Novie and Neik (Sari). They also chose the name because ‘None’ is an affectionate name for elegant and classy women.

Definition of beauty by None Clothing: 
A woman is beautiful when she can be 
thankful for the blessings in her life and 
proud of her achievements.

Hijab Fashionista: Hijabpreneurs Galore!_Aquila Style
Known lately for their tie-dye designs, Kami Idea started out as a brand of accessories. It is owned by trio Istafiana Candarini, Nadya Karina and Afina Candarini.

Definition of beauty by Kami Idea: Beauty is about being who you are and having the courage to express yourself.

Hijab Fashionista: Hijabpreneurs Galore!_Aquila Style

si.se.sa is the label by daughters of Merry Pramono, a famous Indonesian designer. The ladies’ names are Siriz, Senaz and Sansa, and si.se.sa’s signature elements include the use of bold colours and asymmetrical lines.

Definition of beauty by si.se.sa: Beauty is the confidence to express yourself, whoever you are and wherever you are.


Hijab Fashionista: Hijabpreneurs Galore!_Aquila Style

Nu Style is a collection of modern Muslimahwear inspired by 
Middle Eastern style. Created by Nadia and Annisa Ambadar, 
the brand also caters to the needs of plus-sized ladies.

Definition of beauty by Nu Style: Beauty is a broad term that encompasses one’s aqidah, akhlak and way of dressing.


Hijab Fashionista: Hijabpreneurs Galore!_Aquila Style

Mimi Alysa was a fashion blogger before she started her own fashion label. Incorporating simple and sweet styles, she aptly named her 
clothing line Simply Mii.

Definition of beauty by Simply Mii: Beauty is every woman’s right, so be comfortable with yourself and beauty will follow.


Hijab Fashionista: Hijabpreneurs Galore!_Aquila Style
Malana is the brainchild of three mums – Monique, Marina and 
Dyta – who invented the name based on the names of their respective daughters: Amabel, twin girls Alaya and Anaya, and Kanaya. The brand prides itself on its quality and will celebrate its 
first birthday with this issue — in June 2012.

Definition of beauty by Malana: Beauty is when you buy 
something that is worth the money — value for money is beautiful.


Hijab Fashionista: Hijabpreneurs Galore!_Aquila Style

Another collaboration between sisters, Nabilia is the combination of the names Nabila Rizki Hatifa and Nalia Rifika. The brand is also supported by Delonika, Nalia’s husband, who takes care of its 
day-to-day management.

Definition of beauty by Nabilia: Beauty is simplicity.


Hijab Fashionista: Hijabpreneurs Galore!_Aquila Style
When fashion blogger-cum-photographer Siti Juwariyah started her own hijab line, it was her mother who inspired her to adopt Kaffah as her brand name. As shared by Siti Juwariyah, ‘The “Kaffah” name was inspired by my mum, meaning “perfect” or “wholesome” in Arabic.’

Definition of beauty by Kaffah: Beauty comes from your heart. Only when you are beautiful on the inside can you be beautiful on the outside.


Hijab Fashionista: Hijabpreneurs Galore!_Aquila Style

Says the owner of the eponymous brand, Noni Zakiah: ‘The original brand of my clothing line is “Nonieq”. Recently I changed it to “Noni Zakiah”, so that my customers will be more familiar with the designer behind the clothes.’ What makes Noni’s designs unique is the way she plays with silhouettes and asymmetrical cutting. ‘I love earth tones and neutral colours.’

Definition of beauty by Noni Zakiah: To feel beautiful, just be yourself and don’t be afraid to stand out in the crowd.


Hijab Fashionista: Hijabpreneurs Galore!_Aquila Style
Aluyya takes its name from the brand’s founders: Dian Ayu, Lulu 
el Hasbu and Traya Widita. The idea behind the brand is to mix semi-classic styles with comfortable materials that meet 
the busy lifestyles of modern hijabistas.

Definition of beauty by Aluyya: Beauty shines from your heart. When your heart feels at ease, you will exude confidence — and that’s beautiful.


Hijab Fashionista: Hijabpreneurs Galore!_Aquila Style
When batik meets cotton candy colours, you know it’s a Kavi. The brand was created in 2008 by self-confessed nationalist Kavita Rezi, who dreamed of creating a line of colourful batik designs, now managed by the designer herself and her two best friends: Thina Tessar and Ranie Untara.

Definition of beauty by Kavi: Beauty is the comfort of being who you are.


Hijab Fashionista: Hijabpreneurs Galore!_Aquila Style

Inspired by the shade and comfort of a treehouse, Casa Elana aims to provide comfort and beauty to hijab-wearers. The brand’s three founders, Anneke Scorpy, Fifi Alvianto and Hanna Faridl, are all
young mums with one shared conviction: that nursing 
doesn’t have to interfere with style.

Definition of beauty by Casa Elana: Beauty is about personality. Every woman is beautiful in her own ways.


Hijab Fashionista: Hijabpreneurs Galore!_Aquila Style

Delisha is a brand that aims to radiate happiness and make others happy through their brightly coloured clothing line. The brand’s two creators, Mendy and Ayu, are fans of retro styles.

Definition of beauty by Delisha: When you feel beautiful on the inside, your beauty radiates on the outside.


Photography Rudy Wicaksono

Makeup Putri Larissa & Marthen Tangalayuk
Concept Cynthia Prayudi
Text Afia R Fitriati

This article originally appeared in the June 2012 issue of Aquila Style

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