The Women’s Mosque of America opens in Los Angeles


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The Women’s Mosque of America opened it’s doors and held their first ever prayer service at the Pico Union Project in Downtown Los Angeles on January 30th, 2015. It is reportedly, the first all-women jummah service in the United States.

Without any surprise, the event drew widespread interest online, with #WomensMosque trending strongly on Twitter.

The Women’s Mosque of America seeks to uplift the Muslim community by empowering women and girls through more direct access to Islamic scholarship and leadership opportunities. The Women’s Mosque of America will provide a safe space for women to feel welcome, respected, and actively engaged within the Muslim Ummah. It will complement existing mosques, offering opportunities for women to grow, learn, and gain inspiration to spread throughout their respective communities.

The Women’s Mosque of America provides women-led Friday jumma’a services for women and children (including boys 12 and under) once a month in Southern California. In addition, the Women’s Mosque of America plans to provide programming, events, and classes open to both men and women that will aim to increase community access to female Muslim scholars and female perspectives on Islamic knowledge and spirituality.

The Women’s Mosque of America is proud to be supported by a diverse group of passionate volunteers spread across the country. Find out more about them here.

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