Fariyal Mughal’s Hijab Journey


Fariyal Mughal was asked how she turned from being a ‘temporary hijabi’ to a permanent one. This is her story.

Photo by StockVault
Photo by StockVault

I had spent my childhood and almost all of my teenage life living in the Middle East, so it was normal to see women in hijabs or niqabs around me. At that time, my perception about hijabs was that it was just a simple cloth on a woman’s head to conceal her hair from the sight of men.

I wore a hijab for the first time when I was in 3rd grade merely to fit in with my surroundings. Since then, I continued to wear one at certain places where donning the veil was the expected thing to do.

When I turned 16, I started studying the Qur’an more seriously, and that was when everything changed. The way I looked at things, thought about them, every single thing. If half a glass of water was placed onto the table, the pessimist would think of it as half empty and the optimist, half full. But what crossed my mind was, ‘Where did this water come from?’ I also thought about how amazing it was that water reflects a light blue layer on its surface while it is transparent as a whole. Subhanallah! That was how I started to read more and more about my religion.

I suddenly realised that the hijab is not about oppression

I frequently came across a quote on various Islamic websites which stated that the purpose of the hijab was to protect Muslimahs. As I pondered about many things day and night, I thought about this quote a lot. It helped me to relate to how I felt with and without the hijab. When I wore the hijab, I was more concerned about the appropriateness of my clothes and my behaviour than when I didn’t wear it. I felt more conscious about the way I talked, the way I sat and the sins that I committed when I wore the hijab. I suddenly realised that the hijab is not about oppression; it is saving me as well as others from sin. It can strengthen my bond with Allah.

Alhamdulillah, my decision to put on the hijab permanently completely changed me. It was not easy at first but Allah helped me as He always helps anyone who is striving for good.

My journey began with lots of hurdles and difficulties. I came across people who questioned me and degraded me as well as those who expected me to be an angel the moment I started donning the hijab. But this single step changed my life. It brought me closer to Allah, gave me the strength to better myself, and stopped me from committing sins. I am as happy as ever, being able to feel the value of the hijab.

All those things that used to worry me, such as the fear that people would question me, ignore me or kick me out of a circle vanished because I know that I am doing this for Allah. It’s between me and Him, and the others won’t be around to answer questions directed at me on the Day of Judgement. Their approvals don’t matter.

I relish in the self-satisfaction that I get knowing that just by wearing the hijab, I am pleasing God, The One who created me as well as everything around me, and without whom we are absolutely nothing.

Every time I wear the hijab, I am worshipping God and earning His rewards. Masha ‘Allah, I am such a blessed woman.

Fariyal Mughal is an 18-year old dentistry student living in Karachi, Pakistan. 

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