Gaming spotlight: Saudi Girl Revolution



Saudi Girl Revolution uses art to highlight social, not political, issues that match NA3M’s affirmation to develop content with compelling social impact. NA3M believe that the creative industries can be a leading light for social change. Saudi Girls Revolution is NA3M Games’ soon to be launched mobile game and digital comic series.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, the heroines of Saudi Girl Revolution are a badass group of Saudi women who come together in a government enforced camp. Rising out of this brutality the women build and race suped-up motorcycles. Their mission; to fight the evil tyrannical rulers of the corrupted Arabian Empire.

Each of the characters within the Saudi Girl Revolution world has their own reason for revolting against and ultimately liberating the provinces in which they reside. The girls struggle through harsh landscapes from frozen mountain ranges to scorching deserts and crystal cities. Along the way they encounter enemies and mythical creatures such as baboon kings, crystal giants, fire dancers, mutants and zombie cyber-soldiers.

With an epic series of comics and a regularly updated mobile game furthering the story of Saudi Girls Revolution, NA3M hopes to capture the imagination of female and male gamers. Challenging convention along the way, and maybe even starting a Mind Revolution!

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Game Source: NA3M. Please follow them on YouTube and Facebook.

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