#MuslimScareStory mocks mainstream media


A trending hashtag on Twitter unearths honest experiences of being Muslim while poking fun at reporters’ double standards. Afia R Fitriati has the story.

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Uncle Ismail after he made the mistake of reading the Daily Mail. #MuslimScareStory (Image: iStock)

All over the world, Muslims are growing tired of being depicted in the mainstream media as a grim-looking, brow-furrowing, evil-plotting bunch of people. That is probably why the making of “Happy Muslims” videos, in countries such as the UK, the Netherlands and Iran (where the people behind it were promptly arrested, later released), has become an especially contagious meme.

So after a recent article by Nesrine Malik of the Guardian looked at just how routinely the British media report scary stories about Muslims, the faithful decided to take matters into their own hands – by sharing their own “scare” stories, based on real-life quandaries, on Twitter.

Using the hastag #MuslimScareStory, they tweeted about oh-so-familiar experiences that many of us can relate to:


Awkward or challenging moments…



Precious Ramadan-related memories…



And a few more just for good measure…



I couldn’t resist adding a couple of my own tweets. These two are based on Strange questions about my hijab.

So, what’s your #MuslimScareStory?

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