Salaams: Aquila Style Magazine, the Eid 2014 Issue


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Dear Readers,

Happy Eid, from our family to yours!

In this issue we celebrate life, beginning with three accomplished individuals. First off is Hana Tajima, the über-creative who once helmed modestwear label Maysaa. Meaghan Brittini catches up with the British-Japanese designer about the evolution of her work. Over in Florida is Feryal Qudourah who speaks with Jillian Pikora about her journey to become one of just a handful of Arab Muslim opera singers. Sustaining the marine life of Kenya is what keeps Halinishi Yusuf busy, an act that reaps benefits for local families who earn a living from fishing, writes Mariam Mokhtar.

One of the most distinguishing characteristics of Malaysia is its national costume, The baju kurung for women and The baju Melayu for men. As Shea Rasol writes, these fashion staples are quietly classy and good for almost any occasion. For Muslim party people, you will appreciate the funky and chic selections of Festive modestwear. And for those in search of elegant attire fit for debutantes and royalty, look no further than Princess cuts (Resort 2015).

Appearing in Aquila Style magazine for the 5th time is our annual Eid around the world, which shares the sheer diversity of our dear readers’ special occasions and holiday reflections. It is truly quite amazing that despite the cultures and oceans that may separate us, our traditions are all essentially the same. Not all of us will have the chance to share our Eid with family – perhaps even by choice. No matter what your reason, if you find yourself alone on Eid, Pray, shop, cook to beat the Eid blues, says Elest Ali. While we are eating, drinking and generally making merry, though, let’s not forget the importance of eating in the name of health, reminds Omar Shahid in The forgotten science of eating well.

Whatever rocks your socks in this blessed time of enjoyment, Yarehk Hernandez wants us to think of each other, too, in our remembrance of Allah with Together breaking bread.

It is this idea of community that we’d like to leave you with.

“Family” is the theme of our next issue – we can’t wait, either!

Selamat hari raya!
Eid mubarak!
Bayramınız kutlu olsun!
Kai zhai jie kuai le!

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