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Usher in the New Islamic Year with a sneak peek of the November 2013 “Happy New You” issue, available now on tablets and iPhones!

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Dear Readers

Happy New Islamic Year! November 5th this year marks the first day of year 1435 AH in the Islamic calendar. For Alayna Ahmad, it is a day of quiet celebration that deserves its very own traditions. How did you mark the Islamic New Year? Share your traditions and experiences with our readers by writing to me at

We often mark the start of a new year by reflecting on the world and our place in it. What can we do to get the most out of our fleeting existence on Earth? Afia R Fitriati proposes a solution to the challenge of How to Live Life to the Fullest. Hint: it has to do with the most basic reminder of our very existence. Next up, we have Shireen Qudosi who shares her personal list of five women who inspire her in all sorts of things, from fashion to relationships, in A Happier You. Just as we put effort into keeping our bodies and minds healthy, we should do the same for our relationships, writes Fatimah Jackson-Best in Keeping Your Relationships Healthy.

Nicole Cunningham Zaghia hopes that the painful lessons she learnt can spur you into making better decisions in your Life After Divorce. Expanding on the personal development front is Life Coaching (with a Sprinkle of Spirituality), where Amal Awad speaks with three Muslim women who are dedicated to empowering others.

They say you see the world differently through the eyes of your children. The truth cannot be closer to home for Klaudia Khan, who sees her childhood with new eyes now that she is a mother, in My Childhood with My Children. A Muslim woman dedicated her life to fighting for human rights – yet, it was her sanity that was questioned. Merium Kazmi tells the story of The Mad Courage of Shamima Shaikh. Aqilah Nizar – we love that her name sounds like our magazine! – knows that living by your principles isn’t always easy. She was asked to compromise her faith if she wanted to keep her job. Find out whether her defiance was worth it in A Picture of Principles (spoiler alert: it so was!).

As we ponder the many wonderful ways we can improve ourselves in the new year, perhaps we can take a leaf from Leon Tareq’s book. Once in a down-and-out situation himself, today he offers A Share of Happiness to anyone who needs whatever he can give. Speaking of sharing the good stuff, Beauty on Board is our little parting gift to you for your upcoming holidays. Layla Maghfur Usman has discovered travel goodies galore – from the neck pillow of the future to non-petroleum petroleum jelly (say what?). Our travel story this issue brings us on a sensory jaunt around Hungary’s capital. A Bath and a Bite in Budapest by Sya Taha will leave you hankering for a bit of that old-world charm.

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We are almost done with 2013. The next issue’s theme is Holiday, Celebrate where we look forward to sharing more empowering features and articles that are relevant to you!

May peace be upon you and yours,



Get this issue at the Apple Newsstand for iPad and iPhone, or Google Play for Android tablets

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