Social Media and Marriages Problem by Belal Khan


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By Belal Khan

It seems that Millennials are trying to reconcile between ideas of friendship vs. intimacy, privacy vs. attention, and love vs. significance. Are they mutually exclusive?

I read an article recently that was exploring the idea that the marriage problems of the Millennial generation come up as a result of technology and social media.

Is that really true though?

There’s a time and place for each of those facets of an individual’s needs.

Perhaps technology magnifies the symptoms of a deeper underlying problem.

The problem of not knowing how to connect with one another and build a relationship, especially with those are closest and dearest in our lives.

How do you make sure that a marriage relationship is strong?

Perhaps it has to do with an understanding of oneself.

Understanding one’s capacity and willingness to compromise their own needs and wants so that the spouse’s needs and wants can be fulfilled.

Perhaps it’s also knowing and understanding what connects with the spouse the most.

I’ve learned one thing in marriage. The saying, “Do onto others as you would like to have done unto yourself.”

That does NOT apply in marriage situation.

When it comes to one’s spouse, do on to them as they would like to be done unto them.


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