Trust Women: Empower women worldwide and fight modern-day slavery


Trust Women is committed to find real solutions to empower women and to fight slavery worldwide. The annual event brings together global corporations, lawyers, government representatives, and pioneers in the field of women’s rights and anti-slavery.

The 2014 annual conference brought together 550 global leaders from 50 countries including Brazil, Australia, China, India, Kyrgyzstan and Switzerland. The two-day event reached 65 million people worldwide through extensive media coverage and highly interactive social media engagement.

Speaker Ala’a Shehabi

Ala'a ShehabiDr Ala’a Shehabi is a British-born Bahraini lecturer, writer & pro-democracy activist in Bahrain. She has a PhD in Economics from Imperial College London & worked for two years as a policy analyst at RAND Europe.

In Bahrain she is a founding member of Bahrain Watch and the Bahrain Rehabilitation & Anti-violence Organisation (BRAVO).

She writes for Jadaliyya, Guardian, OpenDemocracy, Al-Akhbar, UnCut. She appears frequently on Aljazeera and the BBC.

Speaker Alaa Murabit

Alaa MurabitAlaa Murabit was born and raised in Saskatchewan, Canada, but moved to Zawia, Libya, at 15 to study at the College of Medicine at the University of Zawia where she became the first (and only) female member of the student council. She is the founder of The Voice of Libyan Women, a women’s empowerment and development NGO. The Voice of Libyan Women organised the first ever International Women’s Conference in Libya, ‘One Voice’, and its Libyan Women’s Charter was recently named as one of the Women Deliver 50, which recognises top ideas and solutions for girls and women.

Human trafficking and slavery

  • Cleaning the supply chain of slave labour
  • Using data to fight slavery
  • Powerful stories of survival

Women’s empowerment

  • Keeping girls in school
  • How to reach the top: fostering women leaders

Special focus

  • Women under extremist rule, from ISIS to Boko Haram
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