Report: Top Dining Trends in the UK for 2013


The British dining scene is predicted to feature healthier menu options, and where consumers will be given more opportunities to customise their meals.

Report: Top Dining Trends in the UK for 2013_Aquila Style

(Relaxnews) – Market research group Technomic has released its crystal ball forecast for the British dining scene in 2013, predicting that consumers will be given more opportunities to customise their meals, healthier menu options, and offered more foods to satisfy the mid-afternoon cravings.


Topping Technomic’s list of top five foods trends is a concept perhaps best espoused by fast-casual Mexican chain Chipotle and Coca-Cola, points out the report: customisable meals.

It’s a concept that empowers consumers and allows them to create their own meal to their own tastes.

Like sandwich chain Subway, Chipotle allows customers to choose the fillings for their signature burritos, while Coca-Cola’s Freestyle beverage machine also allows consumers to mix their own drinks from a range of soda pop flavors.

Local and global foods

While palates crave ethnic flavours, consumers with consciences will want local ingredients with low food miles. Enter Middle Eastern falafels and Mexican tacos sourced with local, seasonal products.

Healthy fare

Expect to see menu items featuring ‘superfoods’ like beans, dark green vegetables, salmon, soya, walnuts and blueberries for healthy, guilt-free meals.

Restaurant snacking

In addition to meal-time menus, restaurants will also start to offer bite-sized snacks that satiate the 3pm munchies. Look for around-the-clock, full snacking menus for those who don’t want a big meal.

More options in fast dining

The year 2013 will herald another era in convenience dining, says Technomic, with more food trucks hitting the roads and fast-casual restaurants offering more take-out options and meal deals for on-the-go consumers.

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