Will he like me if I’m a hijabi?


Some Muslim women worry that wearing hijab will cause potential partners to overlook them. Are such fears justified? By Shea Rasol.

Will he like me if I’m a hijabi?_Aquila Style
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Beauty is subjective (or so I heard). Especially for girls from places where hijabs are an uncommon sight. The dilemma begins when you want to turn your life around and you feel like you want to take the plunge into hijab, but you’re unsure of your marriage prospects.

Global media has taken reign of our mindsets, telling us that beauty for women is to be slim, tall, fair, and have a V-shaped jaw and luscious locks. Television shows, magazines and runway models parade what the women of today have to achieve in order to look beautiful.

And don’t get me started on the stereotypes that Muslim women all over the world face. She’s a terrorist, she’s oppressed, she’s a nun, she’s submissive, and she’s allergic to the sun. Wait, what?

I have a beautiful Muslim friend who is not a hijabi. When I asked when she would want to dive into the world of hijab, her answer was, “After I get married.” Did she think hijab covered her beauty or character? Of course, when I asked her again she just shrugged her shoulders. But I could see it in her eyes that she was afraid of not receiving attention from a potential partner if she was covered from head to toe.

To each their own – I respect every woman’s individual decision on whether to cover. To me, women are the most beautiful when they are happy and being themselves, when surrounded with the people they love and their passions – regardless of what they may put on or take off.

This brought to mind a question I came across on social media not so long ago:

I’m not a Muslim girl, but I wonder what can a Muslim guy like when a girl wears her headscarf, like she’s covered up. What’s there to like about that?

The answer:

What’s there to like? Her humour, her kindness, her heart, her love for others, her selflessness, her wit, her intelligence, her family, her morals, her dedication, her loyalty, her integrity, her deen, her perseverance, her smile, her opinions, her thoughts, her voice…

Reading that made me feel relieved to know that hope for hijabis is aplenty and that a brother dissuaded by a mere piece of cloth is probably not the kind of person you want to end up with. You just have to know where to place your trust when it comes to relationship issues: God or human beings.


What do you think: does hijab restrict women from finding a suitable partner for marriage?

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