Why I Love My Carlos


We all love having pets around the house. Shea Rasol shares with us why she loves her Carlos to bits.

Humans just love having pets at home. Be it a furry one, a flying one, or a swimming one, I think it is in our nature to love animals in addition to other people.

I have a chubby pet cat named Carlos. I can’t even begin to describe this little guy! He is the gem that shines in our cosy little house, and he came just when we needed a friend the most.

So, what do I love about Carlos? First of all, it’s his chubby nature! On the inside and outside, he is just like Garfield: fat and fluffy. He’s a furball and basically a poofy little pillow sleeping next to me most of the time. Even though he might be naughty once in a while when he scratches me, I just can’t get mad at him. I don’t know why!

Another thing I love how he makes himself cosy around the house. Sometimes he looks just like a tiger rug, laying flat with his head sticking out…

Since Carlos is a domestic cat, he is always inside the house. Whenever we bring him outside for some fresh air, his eyes always light up with excitement! He’s just like a little explorer, ready to take on the world (better known as our backyard)!

Carlos is kind of shy around people, and sometimes around us too – especially when it comes to letting us pick him up and carry him. He just doesn’t like that. But he makes up for it by always needing us to escort him to his food bowl. Only then will he eat. Too clever for a cat!

The best part is that Carlos is well updated with the world of technology in which he is living today. Why? Because he has his own blog of adorably corny musings. That fellow is one busy man, I tell you!

I cannot imagine life without him around. Did you know that Rasulullah (peace be upon him) had a pet cat? It was called Muezza and the two of them were reportedly often seen together when Rasulullah (pbuh) was entertaining his guests at home. He would take Muezza and place him on his lap while giving sermons.


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