Alternative Date Ideas


When planning a weekend with someone special, dinner and a movie can get old. Beta Nisa has some suggestions on how to raise the bar.

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We often fall back on the same old activities when spending time with our significant other. When “okay” is not good enough, try these ideas to create new memories with your partner.

1. Fishing

While pop culture references for a date often feature beautifully romantic scenes, it doesn’t always have to be like that to be memorable. Instead of the usual dinner or movie, try something new and challenging like fishing – forget the heels and make-up. This can be a good opportunity to know one another, especially if it is something new for both partners. It not only gives you the chance to enjoy nature, but also to talk to each other during the long wait for a bite!

2. Visit a unique museum

Instead of a stuffy old-fashioned museum, try a hands-on museum such as the ArtScience Museum in Singapore or Kite Museum in Jakarta, where visitors are given the chance to create their own kites. Perhaps you’ll learn something about each other while trying out something new together.

3. Attend a charity event

Happiness when shared is doubled, so join in a social or charity event. You will learn more about each other’s character while helping others in need – making it a memorable weekend for more than just for the two of you.

4. Join a cooking class

Joining a cooking class together will help to create a close bond between you and your loved one. As cooking requires creativity and technique, a class gives both of you the chance to work together. Savour the delicious meal and the fruits of your labour at the end of the date.

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