DIY Bookshelf Ideas


Running out of space for your ever-growing library? Try your hand at these crafty book spaces.

1001 WP Bookshelf by Layla

We’re real bonkers for books here, but sometimes, we just don’t know where to put them. On a bookshelf, of course, but what if you want to make your own instead of buying one? Here are eight easy do-it-yourself bookshelf projects to get your crafty hands dirty with. No fancy woodworking required!

1. “The Easiest Bookshelf in the World”

DIY Bookshelf Ideas_Aquila Style

Source: Home and Away with Lisa

A bookshelf made up of sturdy wooden doors and supported by columns of solid brick. Put together in just under an hour and costing only about $35 in materials, it’s no wonder she calls this DIY project “the easiest bookshelf in the world”.

2. Cable Spool Bookshelf aka “The Bookmobile”

DIY Bookshelf Ideas_Aquila Style

Source: Small Town Craft Fair

Just add dowels and some hot new wheels to an old wooden cable spool, and you’re ready to roll.

3. Inverted Bookshelf

DIY Bookshelf Ideas_Aquila Style


Source: Instructables

Be prepared to have your living room turned upside down with this inverted bookshelf! Instead of supporting your books from below, this bookshelf hangs all your books from the bottom, and you can take your books in and out whenever you want.

4. Invisible Bookshelf

DIY Bookshelf Ideas_Aquila Style

Source: Instructables

Neat, right? Stack ‘em up and wait for the crazy look on people’s faces when they can’t figure it out. Artistic and space-saving, the secret behind this charming levitation spell is a sturdy “L” bracket.

5. Hanging Book Display

DIY Bookshelf Ideas_Aquila Style

Source: penny carnival

Even the most saintly among us will find that letting a child choose their own bedtime book every night can be a real test of one’s patience. Unlike ordinary bookcases though, this hanging book display shows the cover art of a book and would make choosing a bedtime book so much easier! It certainly doesn’t hurt that it would make lovely décor for your child’s bedroom as well.

6. DIY Art Board

DIY Bookshelf Ideas_Aquila Style

Source: Kara Paslay Designs

This interactive art piece is just pure fun and creativity! You can create all sorts of images with the pencils and rubber bands: from snowflake figures in winter to silhouettes of presents for birthdays. And of course, you can even use the pencils to make some shelves to hold a few small books.

7. Spice Rack Bookshelf

DIY Bookshelf Ideas_Aquila Style

Source: On the Banks of Squaw Creek

Need a bit more space to hold all those children’s books? Attach spice racks to the side of your child’s dresser and they’ll easily be able to find what they’re looking for.

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