Five Gift Ideas for New Mums


While newborns often steal the spotlight, new mums would love some presents too.

Five Gift Ideas for New Mums_Aquila Style
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The arrival of a new baby is a joyous time, deserving of celebrations and gifts. However, sometimes the attention surrounding the occasion is focused too much on the baby and less on the person who has toiled so hard to deliver and nurture the new human being: the mother.

If you know anyone who has recently given birth, the following are some ideas that you can consider as gifts for the new mum. Knowing from first-hand experience, trust me, they will appreciate and cherish it!

1. Fuss-free fashion items

A baby’s arrival means that a woman will have to dedicate most of her time for the baby and much less time for herself. Between changing diapers, feeding, burping and bathing a baby, who has thirty minutes to spare for getting dressed? Make her life easier by giving her fuss-free fashion items such as fuss-free hijabs, nursing aprons, nursing-friendly tops and other fashion must-haves for new mums.

2. A sturdy and fashionable baby bag

Like any mum will tell you, travelling with an infant can feel like moving house because of all the paraphernalia one needs to bring along. Save her life – and her look – with a good quality baby bag as a present.

3. A good supply of her favourite healthy drink

A new mum – especially one who is breastfeeding – needs to stay hydrated to keep herself energised and healthy. When I gave birth, one of my aunts presented me with an entire box of delicious ginger milk concoctions, which I savoured and found very useful for keeping my aching body warm.

Ask your new mum what her favourite healthy drink is, and buy her a week’s or a month’s supply of the drink. Just remember not to buy her too much caffeinated drinks if she is nursing, as caffeine may interfere with the quality of breast milk.

4. A voucher for a massage or spa session

Being a mum is a physically demanding job, going beyond the fatigue after childbearing and delivering a baby. That is why every mum welcomes an invitation to enjoy a pampering day at the spa to relieve her tired bones. Or alternatively, why not offer your own hands to massage her shoulders?

5. A timeout

Eventually, what a mother misses most after her baby is born is some time for herself. The gift of a slice of your time might be one of the best presents that she could receive. Offer to babysit for a day or even a few hours so the new mother can have a dental appointment, watch a movie or simply catch some sleep.

She will be grateful because you are giving her not only your time, but also a chance to recharge and be able to provide better care for her newborn.

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