How to make a fondant cake in 7 easy steps


Learn how to prettify cakes and cupcakes with fashion and beauty personality YazTheSpaz.

Have you ever been through a period when you felt so caught up in the demands of life? During my last year of high school that feeling hit both my mother and me. She was living the life of a working mother, complete with an 8-to-5 job, while I was striving to graduate with good grades and score well on my college entrance exams.

During this time we both realised that we needed some mother-daughter bonding time. Creativity runs in my family, so the typical ‘let’s go shopping’ routine was not really what we wanted to do. What interested us the most, and still does, were creative endeavours such as sewing, cooking, floral design, knitting and painting. While shopping one day at Michaels, a popular arts and crafts supply store, we noticed they were offering cake-decorating classes. This immediately piqued our attention and we signed up.

Over a period of 16 weeks, taking weekly classes and bumping up to a higher-level course every four weeks, we learnt everything from working with butter cream and fondant to making sugar flowers. It was the one time during the week that we looked forward to amidst our busy schedules.

Soon after we completed all four courses, a well-known Cuban bakery, Vicky Bakery, opened up next to our house. I was extremely hesitant to apply for a job there, thinking to myself, ‘Why would they want me to work there?’ My mother, however, didn’t give me the opportunity to think twice. She promptly spoke to the manager and asked whether they needed a cake decorator specialising in fondant, a candy made of a thick, creamy sugar paste that looks similar to Play-Doh. Lo and behold, I got the job and began the following week. I’ve been working as a fondant cake decorator there for over five years now and I haven’t looked back since!

Decorating cakes makes me happy because I’m in control of the outcome of the cake. You might need to work hard and have strong arms to do this type of work, but the effort definitely pays off once you see how gorgeous your cake looks! Not only do you get an amazing upper body workout while rolling the fondant, but you also get immersed in a zone of total concentration. The stress just slips away while you’re decorating cakes.

My love for cake decorating inspires me to spread this love to others. Allow me to teach you how to decorate your first fondant cake.

Steps to make a fondant cake

After you’ve finished the basic design of your cake, feel free to add an extra touch of butter cream – it definitely helps to fill in the gaps. And don’t worry if you mess up somewhere; the beauty with making a fondant cake is that it’s okay to mess up. All you’ve got to do is cover it up with more fondant, and voila!

To finish, just stick your fondant cut-out shapes onto the cake

Congratulations on making your very first fondant cake! I hope that my article and pictures inspire you to get creative – not only in the kitchen, but also in all aspects of life.

This article originally appeared in the August 2012 Eid issue of Aquila Style magazine. You can read the entire issue free of charge on your iPad or iPhone at the Apple Newsstand, or on your Android tablet at Google Play

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