3 designer highlights from Indonesia’s modest fashion extravaganza


Fresh off her journey to Jakarta for this year’s Indonesia Fashion Week, Aydha Mehnaz shares her fashion picks and insights from the 2015 event. Photos by Eric Nugraha.

Indonesia has established herself as a global hub for lovers of hijab and modest fashion to explore new and versatile styles. Like its predecessors, this year’s Indonesia Fashion Week (IFW) offered a delightful blend of high fashion and modesty with a modern twist. Spanning four days from 26 February to 1 March, IFW 2015 hosted hundreds of brands spread across 32 fashion shows, a clear sign of the industry’s continuing growth.


1) Moshaict

This year Itang Yunasz, designer of the Moshaict label, named his collection “Sporomantic” featuring pink, blue and mint hues with a touch of sporty chic.

Although the uses of pastel colours are quite common in fashion – especially in this part of the world – his blush-pink numbered sweatshirts boosted street-style hijab fashion to a whole new level. And I couldn’t take my eyes off the models’ shoes. The blend of what looked like high heels with sock-like boots totally blew my mind.

Culottes have been big this year at fashion weeks everywhere, and Itang Yunasz showed us how to make these babies hijab-friendly. The wild floral prints brought together the unlikely pairing of girly pastels with edgy-looking baseball caps.

2) Hannie Hananto

Best known for her signature monochrome style, Hannie Hananto collaborated with high street fashion brand The Executive to take on the main stage of Jakarta Convention Center, quenching the thirst of all the black-white lovers like me.

The addition of oversized panama-looking hats was bang-on for an upbeat city girl. If I were to describe a perfect Hannie Hananto, she would be a very elegant and classy entrepreneur walking in the streets of London or New York who isn’t afraid to stand out from the crowd.

Striking silhouettes from The Executive and Hannie Hananto

The silhouettes were basic yet effortless. That’s the most exciting part about fashion, isn’t it? To look as though you were born with the fabulous coding gene.

3) Najua Yanti

I had the immense pleasure of joining the celebration of Najua Yanti’s label BellaBaric, which was marking a decade of success in the modest fashion industry. It was a solo show featuring bold colours like mustard, black, crimson, green and white. All the guests attending the show wore black with a hint of yellow, matching her collection’s palette to make the occasion even more glamorous.

Najua Yanti_Bellabaric1
The creations of Najua Yanti and her BellaBaric label

The lasting influence of the 60s and 70s has been a key style to share the spotlight in fashion weeks around the world this year. On a final personal note, I must say that Najua has a kind heart and one of the sweetest smiles around; I love the goofy selfies we took together after the show.

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