Don’t Get Caught As A Graffiti Artist In Iran


Government-sanctioned murals are a common sight in Tehran, Iran. But graffiti artists face harsh punishment, including prison time, if caught. The new documentary “Mutiny of Colours” follows defiant Iranian street artists.

About Mutiny Of Colours

Mutiny Of Colours is a feature-length documentary about Street Art and Graffiti in Islamic Republic Of Iran.

Graffiti and Street Art is illegal and known as a crime in Iran as many other places in the world but the difference is there is no specific penalty for the crime and generally Street art has been mistaken with writing slogans against the government and Satanism.

Mutiny Of Colours tells story, life and specially the Art-life of 5 Iranian Street Artists in 4 Episodes.

Documentary is based on showing known Iranian Artists’ point of view, artworks and Idealisms and the fact all the message they want to spread is about Peace, Love, Children and Women rights. Directors of the film are spending a lot of time with Iranian Street Artists to capture all the incidents and their projects they have/are going to paint on the walls of Tehran and their struggles with Police.

  • Duration: 70 Minutes
  • Release Date: 2016
  • Cast & Crew:
    Directors: Zeinab Tabrizy & Paliz Khoshdel
  • Directors of Photography: Paliz Khoshdel & Mahan Khomamipor
  • Music: Ashkan Faramarzy
  • Editors: Paliz Khoshdel & Zeinab Tabrizy
  • Poster Designer: Icy & Sot
  • Photographer: Zeinab Tabrizy
  • Executive Producer: Shaghayegh Cyrous
  • Communication Manager: Mohammad Moussavi
  • Producer: Paliz Khoshdel
  • Production Company: Avan Co.

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