Tea time! 7 classic brews to warm your winter


These easy tea recipes will help you bring about a warm atmosphere this winter. By Najwa Abdullah.

Keep these recipes around as a handy winter survival kit. An alternative to hot chocolate, a cup of tea can help warm your body and soothe your soul in this chilly weather. Here are seven easy-to-make tea recipes:

1. Pulled Tea

Source: Singapore Shiok!

Challenge your motor skills with this deftly-made Asian tea. Pulled tea, known in Southeast Asia as teh tarik, is prepared by pouring and “stretching” it repetitively between two cups about a metre apart.

2. Hibiscus Tea

Source: Little Food Junction

Hibiscus is famous for its ability to lower blood pressure and is rich with antioxidants like vitamin C. Place a few petals of fresh wild hibiscus, a little sugar, one star anise, and few lemon slices in water, and boil until the water turns red for a tasty beverage full of health benefits

3. Turmeric Tea

Source: Foodable

A hodgepodge of black tea, powdered turmeric, coconut milk, honey, ginger and cinnamon delivers a unique blend of warm spices.

4. Spiced Apple Tea

Source: Shaken Together

Add apple flavour to any of your spiced teas. Even better, complement it with cinnamon and a smidgen of honey.

5. Ginger Tea

Source: Tea Time

A hint of ginger gives instant warmth to your body. For more flavours, add a few cardamom pods, licorice root and a cinnamon stick.

6. Thai Milk Tea

Source: Thai Milk Tea Recipe

The simple combination of tea and sweetened condensed milk, served cold or hot, is a delightful companion to cakes or cookies in the afternoon.

7. Mint Tea

Source: Noob Cook

Need a refreshing and soothing drink for your tiring weekdays? Try a bunch of mint leaves, a teabag and some honey in boiled water. Effortless!

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