5 of the best Muslim mobile apps

There are so many cool Muslim mobile apps out there and we've rounded up four of the best in the market today.
There are so many cool Muslim mobile apps out there and we’ve rounded up four of the best in the market today.

There are so many cool Muslim mobile apps out there and we’ve rounded up five of the best in the market today.

alQuran By Sayed Samed 

Introducing a highly optimised, full of features and searchable Holy Quran application for iPhone, iPod Touch and IPad. alQuran allows you to read the entire Holy Quran and its translations and commentary in various languages. Listen to verse by verse recitation and recitations of various other famous reciters. Search text and translations of the Holy Quran quickly and easily.


  • Searchable Holy Quran
  • Over a 100 translations in more than 30 different languages
  • Bookmarking and References to verses
  • Easy scrolling
  • Verse by verse Recitation
  • Recitation of many famous reciters
  • Easy to use user interface design

QamarDeen By Batoul

QamarDeen is a new and unique Islamic app from Batoul Apps, it lets you track all your daily spiritual efforts to help you measure your status and continue to improve. Use QamarDeen to track your prayer, Quran reading, sadaqah and fasting and visualize it all to analyze your behavior and improve.

  • Prayers: Record how you prayed each of the five daily prayers, and mark when you prayed Ishraq or Qiyam.
  • Quran: Keep track of how much Quran you read every day. Mark where you began and where you left off, and continue the next day using your preferred Quran app.
  • Sadaqah: Record when you give any type of charity, from donating your money or time to smiling at your Brother or Sister.
  • Fasting: Keep track of your fasts in Ramadan, as well as your voluntary fasts (Sunnah, Kaffarah, and Nazr) throughout the year.

Names of Allah By Magnicode

This application assists users memorize the beautiful 99 names of Allah. It provides a memorable recitation of 99 names.

  • Memorize screen to repeatedly hear a range of divine names
  • Test to arrange the names in the order presented in the application.
  • Review area for users to see the list of names they have memorized.

Islamic Compass: Prayer Times and Adhan Alarm By Mobile Software Institute

Islamic Compass will tell you when and to which direction to pray. It includes a beautiful compass always pointing to Makkah from any position in the world and it plays an adman when it’s time to pray at your location! You do not need a data connection to use Islamic Compass.

Islamic Compass will find your GPS position automatically and without customizing any settings. It will point the compass towards Qibla and will calculate all daily and future prayers times. The easy-to-use adman alarm will be activated through iOS 4 local notification service. Everything is customizable to your needs.

  • ISLAMIC PRAYER TIMES CALCULATION: Using the GPS positioning of the iPhone. (Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib,Isha)
  • NO SETTINGS NEEDED and there are no restrictions to a list of cities.
  • VERY EASY QIBLA DIRECTION: integrated in beautiful compass. (iPhone 4 & 3Gs only, other devices will support manual positioning)
  • UNLIMITED ADHAN ALARMS for all future prayer times using iOS 4 local notifications.
  • NINE ADHANS: Standard alarm length is limited to 30 seconds, get full adhan by one click!).
  • AUTOMATIC TIME FORMAT: time zone and date language detection. 
  • DATE PICKER for all future prayer times to plan weeks in front.
  • UNIQUE SCROLLABLE prayer times interface. Slide the prayer times screen to browse through unlimited dates.
  • UNIQUE ADHAN PLAYER screen to play your favourite adhan at any time!
    MULTIPLE BACKGROUNDS and themes to personalise your preferences.
  • HD GRAPHICS: All graphics are HD ready for Retina display.
  • POSSIBILITY TO CHANGE the STARTUP SCREEN either startup with the compass or with the prayer times screen.
  • SEVEN CALCULATION METHODS for the prayer times.

iSubha: Islamic Prayer Beads By Guided Ways Technologies

iSubha offers you an intuitive interface for doing Tasbeeh whilst keeping track of their counts and times locked away in a private safe. iSubha has the following features to offer. Comes preset with the most known Islamic praises, ready to be used out of the box. English Transliteration mode also available.

  • Provides the facility of adding custom phrases for Tasbeeh
  • A detailed Subha view where tapping on the screen counts as a single Tasbeeh. A counter along with a session timer is displayed.
  • You may pause or resume any session at any time
  • Idle time detection auto-pauses Subha view if not used for a configured amount of time
  • Full history view of all counts, times and tasbeehs performed. The history/log view can be configured with a Password.
  • Two customizable themes, along with a special Night theme that switches on automatically between 2:00am and 6:00am.
  • Fully customizable interface with configurable sounds and animations
  • Retina Support
  • Multi-Tasking
  • Tip: Shake in Subha view to cycle between available themes
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