Diners at New York Restaurant Help Create Instagram Menu


A Latin-American restaurant in New York has tapped into the power of Instagram by allowing diners to snap photos of their meals and create a crowd-sourced, photo-sharing menu.

Newly opened restaurant Comodo in Soho has created what they’re calling an Instagram menu, reported Mashable.com this week, which allows smartphone shutterbugs to post their snaps on the popular photo-sharing site.

After perusing the restaurant menu, patrons are invited to look up the dishes on Instagram under the hashtag #ComodoMenu.

So far, photos include dishes like their seared duck breast with “classic” sauce and quinoa with roasted cherry tomatoes and mozzarella; Pão De Queijo Lamb Sliders with a chipotle cream dipping sauce; and a rajas y queso fundido or Poblano peppers smothered in melting cheese.

Meanwhile, according to a recently released Zagat survey, 67 percent of respondents in the US said that snapping photos of food at the table is “Okay in moderation,” while 18 percent said it’s “perfectly acceptable.”

When it comes to whipping out the smartphone to text, tweet or email in general, however, 61 percent of surveyors considered it bad tableside manners.

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