Instant messaging and video calls come to Snapchat


The popular app dedicated to sending temporary photos and videos has announced two much-requested new features: instant messaging and live video calls.

Following its latest update, the app can be used to have instant messaging conversations with friends. Once the conversation is over, the conversation is erased instantly without leaving a trace. During these conversations, users can choose to turn on the video function at any moment to chat that way.

The latest move in the battle between the leading messaging apps, the update was announced shortly after Facebook released an important update for its Messenger app, which now has improved multimedia features. Just days before, Skype announced that it would start providing group video call functionality for free.

Snapchat, which was launched in 2011, stands out primarily for the ability to determine how long a photo or video can be seen by contacts. This original feature has turned the app into a fun and somewhat less risky way to share funny, embarrassing or even erotic photos.

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