Print your own personal newspaper of online articles with Paperlater

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Print newspapers have suffered enormously as readers move online in droves, but an innovative new app is reversing the trend.

“Paperlater” allows users to save content they come across when browsing the web but want to read later.

We’ve seen this type of service before with apps such as Instapaper, but the difference is that Paperlater will then turn the content into a newspaper, print it on recycled paper and post it to your home.

Articles and blogs from all over the internet can be saved using the app, and delivery of your personalized newspaper takes between three and five days.
Each paper costs £4.99 (about US$8.50), including delivery.

“We like screens and we like the internet, but we also enjoy reading all the great writing the web has to offer in a calmer, less distracting format,” reads the brand’s website.

The brainchild of Newspaper Club, the concept was launched this week in the UK, and is currently in beta.

The app is the latest in a line of concepts catering to the recent digital-to-paper trend, which has seen companies such as Printstagram and offer physical copies of digital photos and text messages.

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