‘Prophet Nuh and the Ark’ a wonderful app for children



CR8Apps Technology Sdn Bhd, a startup technology company focused on creating mobile apps for the Muslim market, announced today the launch of its flagship app, ‘Prophet Nuh and the Ark’.

The free app is an interactive children’s storybook that tells the story of Prophet Nuh and the great flood from the Islamic perspective. CR8Apps is the first company to produce Islamic iOS story apps for children.

“While there are a great many high quality apps that tell traditional European or western fairy tales, there is a great lack of these types of apps for Muslim children,” said Abdul Awwal Mahmood, Director of CR8Apps Technology. “Our goal is to ensure that apps are available for this demographic and that they are comparable to existing apps for non-Islamic audiences.”

Filled with beautiful high-definition illustrations and interactive pages, ‘Prophet Nuh and the Ark’ takes children through the popular story as Nuh follows orders from Allah to build a huge ark and save his people and the animals from the flood. The app includes voice narration, large text and a fun memory game and jigsaw puzzle activity with various levels of difficulty.

Additional content, including certain game items and activities may be unlocked via in-app purchases. Parents can restrict accidental in-app purchases by disabling the feature through their device.

“The app is especially ideal for families that want their children to learn Islamic history and benefit educationally,” said Mahmood. “We look forward to creating many more apps like this inspired by the Quran, Hadith and Islamic history.”

In the upcoming months, CR8Apps Technology will release two additional apps, ‘Prophet Ibrahim and the Statues’ and ‘Prophet Dawud and Jalut’.

For more information, visit www.cr8apps.net. ‘Prophet Nuh and the Ark’ is currently available for download from the App Store.

About CR8Apps Technology Sdn Bhd

Under the Mini Muslim brand, CR8Apps Technology aims to launch a wide selection of exciting children’s Islamic stories taking inspiration from the Quran and Hadith and Islamic history, bringing some of the most beloved and well known tales to kids everywhere. The company aims to be a provider of high quality apps with engaging and fun content. For more information, visit them HERE.

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