Veil: The Future of Hijab


For years now, athletic apparel companies have been producing weather performance clothing to help athletes in brutal weather conditions. Firemen are equipped with high-tech gear that fights off heat and allows for breatheability in the worst of conditions. Astronauts wear suits that protect them in the extreme conditions of outer space. Technology in clothing is changing the apparel industry forever, and we believe that women who wear the headscarf need it too.

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The exterior of the scarf is composed of a durable water repellent that simply keeps your hijab dry at all times when it rains. This technology causes water to bead up upon impact, preventing it from making its way through the fabric. It’s a rainy day’s worst nightmare.

This cooling technology literally reflects sunlight off the surface of the fabric. It provides effective protection from heating up caused by contact with sunlight. Ordinary dark colored fabrics absorb up to 90% of heat rays and warm up consequently. Our technology, on the other hand, reflects up to 80% of heat rays and keeps the fabrics up to 7-10 degrees (Fahrenheit) cooler. As a result, your hijab remains substantially cooler, delivering extra comfort.

Instead of the usual ‘cut & sew’ method, we decided to team up with a brilliant laser cutting company. Lasers seal the edges of the fabric giving our hijabs a sharp, clean, and accurate cut every single time. This keeps comfort at an optimal level and keeps chafing virtually non-existent compared to ordinary hemmed hijabs.

Oil, food, soil, and liquids can often come in contact with our apparel in our daily activities, and usually leave stains which can be hard to get rid of. Our fabric has excellent oil repellency, greatly improves stain release when washing, and reduces the absorption of stain and soil marks.

Veil Hijab’s Story & Journey

The idea for Veil came to life a couple of years ago. We discovered apparel companies that used climate technology to create business shirts specifically for business people on the go. Business people who spend long hours in commute and walk a few blocks in the muggy hot weather to get to their next meeting.

That’s when it all clicked. Women who wear the hijab need this technology too, and they need it now.

For two years now, we have been building a team of manufacturers to help Veil come to life. We traveled across the country to meet with one of the most advanced and high-tech fabric companies in the industry, as well as a laser cutting company to give our scarves the edge in comfort. Countless months, weeks, days, and hours have been put in to finally see the outcome.

Veil promises to bring innovation and continue to revolutionize the way women wear the hijab. We are committed to building a culture of world-changing, innovating, and limitless creations that will change the way we see the hijab.

Back the KickStarter Project HERE or you can find out more from the official website HERE.

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