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8 Occasions When You Must Wear Korean Hanbok

by Isabel Updegraff

If you visit Korea in the coming days, there is one thing that you can’t avoid — Korean hanbok. In Korea, people love to showcase their versatile hanbok and wear them on different occasions. If you are a first time visitor to Korea, there is always a significant confusion about where to wear these Korean traditional clothing.

So, let’s take a look at the top 8 occasions when wearing a Korean fashion outfit will add memories to your vacation.

1. Semi-Formal Events:

Semi-formal events generally are held by companies or professional teams as evening events that allow for informal gatherings between colleagues. For such semi-formal occasions, you can wear the Korean Hanbok and make a unique impression on your party. It’s also a better option if the party has a traditional dress code, and you are looking for a great option from Korean traditional clothing.

2. Formal Events:

img source: klook.com

Not many people know that you can wear Korean hanbok even informal events that are held occasionally. The most common formal occasions are wedding ceremonies, New Year’s Eve, or any seasonal festival. You can choose the hanbok color according to the event and your personal matching. If you are attending the event with your male partner, prefer considering hanbok for both men and women.

3. When Visiting Historical Sites:

Visiting historical sites is incomplete without having a traditional outfit. And, when we talk about the Korean traditional fashion, it’s none other than hanbok that looks fantastic while visiting historical places. Whether you preserve the memories in photos or visit the place to earn knowledge, you will have a good time experiencing the history and culture of Korea. Furthermore, there are many historical places in Korea where you are offered a free visit to those wearing a hanbok outfit.

4. For Everyday Wear:

img source: theculturetrip.com

Most of you already know that Korean hanbok came into existence as a daily wearable outfit. However, with time, its demand decreased for daily purposes. Yet, the demand increased exponentially lately for casual outfits. Today, the concept has brought history back to reality and you can purchase daily use hanbok that is light and easy to wear.

5. During Photoshoot:

Undoubtedly, when visiting Korea, people want to capture photos that protect your memories for the future. And no photo is complete without wearing Korean hanbok. You can either rent a hanbok or purchase hanbok from online/offline stores. There are many hanbok rental service that gives you perfect size hanbok for specific timing. So, if you are planning to take photos during your Korea visit, don’t forget to wear hanbok during a photoshoot.

6. Wear on Specific Events:

img source: wikimedia.org

There are many events where you want to look distinct. For such special events, you can choose Korean hanbok is the ultimate option. You can purchase hanbok according to your likings and body fitting by getting customized hanbok. Remember, wearing a hanbok gives you comfort in performing day to day activities. Many of the events even have specific dress-code to keep unity among the guests as well as hosts.

7. Hanbok-Chuseok:

Chuseok is a common place where most of the Korean spend their lives. Every year, hanbok Chuseok falls on September 13. It is a traditional Korean holiday that is celebrated across the country. On this day, family members come together in and share food & stories. This is one of the marvelous ways to bring your family together and make everyone special. Hanbok-Chuseok is one of the important holidays in Korea, which is celebrated with full energy and enthusiast.

8. Seollal or Sulnal:

img source: inspiremekorea.com

Every country has its own standards to start the calendar and its timings. Similarly, Korea also has a day that is considered the first day of the year. Most people celebrate Seollal in a unique way where they wear the hanbok during the New Year festivities.

There are many other events/occasions when you can wear Korean Hanbok and make your day memorable. Now, let’s take a flashback of this fabulous Korean fashion and know how it came into existence.

History of Korean hanbok:

Hanbok came into existence by the Goguryeo Dynasty. It is one of the ancient kingdoms of Korea. You would be surprised to know that hanbok of those days is entirely different from what’s in fashion today. Earlier, it was more of a traditional, whereas now it has become fashionable. During the initial days of its invention, both men and women wore baji and a waist-length jacket.

Later with time, hanbok was influenced by the internal culture as well as the Mongolian empire that resulted in numerous changes in the hanbok outfit. With time, women started wearing long jackets, whereas men started wearing loose pants, etc.

img source: blacklink.co.kr

Today, you will find many differences as well as similarities between today’s hanbok and initial designs. Where men wear baggy pants, women wear floor-length skirts with short jackets. However, the color scheme and patterns have completely changed with time. With a more aesthetic and bright color scheme added to the hanbok has made it modern and fashionable to wear. With this, come the versatile options on the streets of Korea. Furthermore, new fabrics have also made its entry that looks more fashionable and relevant to today’s modern era.

Ultimately, the new Korean fashion is working fantastic and not only in Korea, but people from across the globe is also becoming inclined towards Korean hanbok. From young couples to kids, everyone is getting fascinated by the hanbok and its incomparable outlooks.

So, this is all about the best time when you can wear your favorite hanbok and make the day memorable. Remember, when it comes to buying a top-quality hanbok, you must visit thekoreaninme.com and choose the one that suits you best. With the most comprehensive collection of traditional as well as modern hanbok, you can order worldwide.

Are you excited to wear your this hanbok for the very first time? Let us know in the comment section below.

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