Alia Khan

Islamic Fashion and Design Council (IFDC) Chairwoman Alia Khan. Photo Credit IFDC
MOCAfest 2015: Alia Khan making a difference through fashion and charity

She’s cool, she’s suave, she’s full of heart. Alia Khan is one of the big hitters in Islamic fashion and in this intimate interview with Aquila Style, she reveals her motivations behind her business, the Islamic Fashion and Design Council, women’s rights, hijab, the gradual fusion of cultures that is beginning to happen in Islamic fashion and a little insight into where IFDC is heading with men’s fashion.

We Wrote The Modest Chapter

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“At IFDC, we believe that every community has a beautiful characteristic that its people are known for. In Islam that characteristic is modesty,” said IFDC Chairwoman, Alia Khan.
We Wrote The Modest Chapter

A little over a year ago, the Islamic Fashion and Design Council paused to listen to a worldwide whisper that was gradually growing into a roar – from across the globe, in practically every country on every continent, women and men who sought to dress modestly.