Drones will tear us apart: Pakistani pop’s war fixation

A lover's eyes compared to a drone strike, a smile to a suicide bomb and lips to fire. The violence of Pakistan's bloody insurgency has been injected into catchy pop lyrics after more than a decade of war against Islamists opposed to all forms of song and dance.

Pakistani volunteers from the Edhi Foundation wait while they transport the bodies of those killed in an attack on a bus during a protest against the attack in Quetta on May 30, 2015. Unidentified gunmen late May 29, 2015, stormed two passenger coaches in southwest Pakistan, killing at least 19 people, officials said. AFP PHOTO / Banaras KHAN
Islamabad rolls out bus network despite flak

Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is due to open Islamabad's new half-billion dollar metrobus system on Thursday, which the government hopes will revolutionise transport in the capital but which has been criticised by some as extravagant.